Dr. Bavaro's Philosophy

Dr. Bavaro is committed to providing his patients extraordinary care to regain and enjoy an active and pain free life. Dr. Bavaro offers true concierge medicine to all patients, regardless of insurance. He accepts all out of network insurances, allowing him to take the time to provide and explain treatment plans which are tailored to his patient’s unique needs, and not what insurance plans dictate.

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Bavaro often treats patients who are looking for a practitioner with the ability to devote as much time as is necessary to assess their condition, provide options and alternatives, and develop short and long term plans that are unique to them. He listens closely to patients.

Dr. Bavaro’s goal is to promote a patient’s full recovery to return to sport and a full, active lifestyle. He works with physical therapists, coaches, and athletic trainers, to prescribe an integrated approach to rehabilitation. Patients receive an individualized recovery plan designed to get them back to the activities they enjoy.

He will make certain to answer all questions and those of others in making decisions about a patient’s care. His patients are often surprised because they receive return phone calls during non-business hours.

The concierge style of Dr. Bavaro’s practice affords him the ability to order diagnostic tests, treatments (including surgery) and consultations that can often be carried out on the same day. Dr. Bavaro spends extensive time and attention both before and after the surgery to make certain that patients are well prepared for what they are to expect after their treatment.

Dr. Bavaro's Surgical Philosophy

Dr. Bavaro offers the latest treatments to restore your mobility. Whenever possible, repair procedures to rebuild the damage, such as stem cell therapy, PRP, cartilage and ligament repair are used. If the damage is past the point where biologic repair will work, the affected area is replaced with artificial components. If, and only if, a hip or knee is completely worn out is a total joint replacement performed.

His application of technology to augment the precision of joint replacement surgery is customized to the individual needs of each patient. He uses minimally invasive techniques, so pain and recovery time are greatly reduced. Once you have had surgery, Dr. Bavaro works with you and your physical therapist to ensure the best possible outcome.

Some patients are fearful that a joint replacement will come loose. With the latest technology and implants, Dr. Bavaro has been able to greatly reduce those concerns. The key to a long lasting joint replacement is accurate placement. Dr. Bavaro’s use of computer and robotic technology allows for the most precise placement of the new artificial joint. He uses modern joint replacements known for longevity with components that are interchangeable. These interchangeable components are replaced if and when they wear out, usually without having to revise the entire joint replacement. So why limit an entire lifetime of activity and sports by the fear of your joint replacement wearing out quickly?

Historically, patients were advised to wait until their pain was unbearable before considering joint replacement. Dr. Bavaro, however, believes that with technological advancements, many patients don’t need to wait! Patients whose previous option would have been reduced activities until they were “old enough” for joint replacement surgery, may now look to the future without postponing their lives and fearful of their surgery. There are a myriad of options to regain an active lifestyle. If you think you need a joint replacement, Dr.Bavaro will help you determine if you truly need one. If you do, he will get you back on track doing the activities you love.

NOTE: A referral is NOT necessary to be seen for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at our orthopedic practice – including surgery.